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I'm a writer who's leading climbs and holding the ropes on big walls in Yosemite, French Polynesia and beyond

My writing was born from my love of climbing. As a teen, I read every adventure and climbing book I could get my hands on. And once I started climbing it’s all I wanted to do—I was fascinated by the places, the characters, and the unknown. Knowing Yosemite is the center of the climbing universe, I moved there right out of high school and have called it home for 20 years and counting.


The theme that runs through my work is a familiarity with the world’s best climbers and best locations. I’ve slept in caves and ditches, and shared these spaces with leading athletes before we took on great objectives like the Central Tower of Paine in Patagonia and the Lotus Flower Tower in the Northwest Territories.  I love uncovering lost places and making readers feel like they’re right there on the rock wall.


Some of my favorite recent projects include three feature stories in Men’s Journal (all in 2022), breaking news in Outside, features on Makatea, French Polynesia (my new favorite place) and the world’s best climbing gear for leading publications. 

I love to spend my days producing content inspired by the wild natural world. For inspiration, I ride my e-bike for hours at a time in the Sierra foothills, then plop down at my desk and write until dark. I like going out to explore the places that make me feel ecstatic—Yosemite’s hard, long free routes, epic bike rides, etc. When I’m at home, I love cooking for my friends and snuggling my boxer, Fenster.


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